AntHill 1.20

Eat ants by controlling an anteater's toungue

AntHill for Pocket PC gives you a taste of insect life. You control the anteater's tongue to scoop up ant eggs and ants. If you’re limber with that tongue, the scrumptious ant-queen is for the taking too!

There’s just one problem however. Other creepy-crawlies are out to bite you and pump poison into you. Hurry up to eat your fill - because night is falling, and the Black Widow is scuttling your way…

the game's features include:

  • The ability to SUBMIT your best score to our High Scores Table
  • The option to play game with stylus
  • Music and natural sound effects
  • A Resume option

An amusing game from the anteater's point of view!

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AntHill 1.20

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